Tips: How To Buy Your First Laptop

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There’s a wide variety of sizes, features, and prices, which makes choosing the right laptop a challenge. That’s why you need to figure out what your needs are. To make the right call, just follow these eight tips.

Pick a Platform: Mac, Windows or Chrome OS?

This is not an easy question to answer, especially if you're not familiar with both Macs and PCs. But this quick overview of each platform’s strengths and weaknesses should help. Read more...

Buying a mobile PC was hard enough when the were only traditional clamshell laptops to choose from. Today, we not only have plenty of those, but also standalone tablets with full PC operating systems and processors, as well as hybrids, which can have screens that detach or fold out of the way.

On top of that, most laptops today include Microsoft's Windows 8 as an operating system, but the radically different Windows 10 is coming in the summer of 2015 (but skip down to our FAQ for why you shouldn't worry about it).

That's a lot to consider, even before getting into screen size, budget, or task-specific features, so we'll instead begin with a few favorite picks that should get you pointed in the right direction. Read more...

Before you buy your first laptop, the first thing you should do is narrow down your selection by looking at some of the best laptops around. For help, click over to the Intel Product Finder to find the best laptop for you. Here are a few things to take into consideration to help you identify the laptop that’s best for you.

First, Pick the Right Processor

Your computer’s processor is critical to what you’ll be able to do with it. Just like you’d never buy a car without finding out what it’s got under the hood—specifically, how powerful its engine is—you should never get a computer (Ultrabook™ convertible, laptop, all-in-one PC, or tablet) without first ensuring that you’ve got a processor fast and powerful enough to handle what you plan to throw at it. Once you’ve got that taken care of, you’ll be able to pull off some of the following cool tricks that would crush lesser computers.

Capability to Provide Instant Notification

For some people, their laptop is their lifeline to the outside world. On a laptop, you can receive notification of email, direct messages, social media alerts, calendar reminders, urgent news and weather bulletins, and even direct phone calls. In order to guarantee you get the best laptop for your needs, look at the laptop’s ability to remain constantly updated, even when it’s asleep. This feature isn’t one that every laptop has, so look for something that’s got Intel® Smart Connect Technology capability. Read more...

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